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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your rates?

A. Our pricing is based on your needs and we try to stay within your target budget.  We can adapt to your situation as far as which areas you would like us to concentrate on and if budget is a factor we try to concentrate our cleaning to areas that are more difficult for you to maintain.  We can give you a price range over the phone which will take into consideration the size of your home, your life style and family size, or if you have areas that make take extra care such as collectables or special care surfaces. 

Q. Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

A. We supply everything needed to clean your home.  We know our product and what the manufacture recommends and how to maintain our equipment.  However, if you have a particular product or equipment that you would like us to use we can adopt this for your home.

Q. How often would you come to my house?

A. After 18 years of experience we realize that individuals have different needs.  Some of our clients request a weekly service while others have vacation rentals that require multiple times in a week and others just need help periodically keeping up with deep cleaning projects.  Whatever your needs are we have a staff big enough and flexible enough to meet your needs.

Q. Can I have the same cleaning crew and same time each week?

A. Our goal is to service our clients by learning what you want and need, and training our cleaning staff accordingly.  Our clients are best served by having the same crew at the same time each week so that we do not have to go through a retraining period. We do our best to keep on schedule.

Q. What is the difference between Finishing Touches and other cleaning services?

A. Our company is locally owned and operated.  We treat cleaning as a business not as a hobby or a way to make extra money and we do not have a cookie cutter approach to cleaning.  We believe that the way you want your home cleaned is different than any other person, your definition of clean maybe different than someone else. Our staff knows that you are what makes our company successful. We truly want you to be happy with your service. We believe we can make you happy with our service if we communicate throughout the introductory period as we learn your needs and desires.