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FIRST: Receiving your invoice and paying online saves you money, postage, paper and time but most importantly it saves THE ENVIROMENT! Call me or the next time you pay your bill write your e-mail address and we will send your monthly invoice to that address. You can also pay your invoice online. You can use your bank bill pay to pay your invoice or now you can use our web site

SECOND: We would like to be your transportation to the recycle bins. Washington County has placed recycle bins in several convenient locations. When we drive away from your home we pass many of these collection bins. Just as a service to our clients (free), we would like to transport your sorted paper, plastic and aluminum to the recycle bins for you. We wished we could do it all, but for now we are not able to handle glass. Just let me know you would like to participate and sort your recycled item into separate bins/bags. We will gather them up at your next scheduled cleaning and take them to the binnies for you. This will help negate any transportation costs and hopefully encourage us all to do just a little bit for MOTHER EARTH!

For more information on how to get started call me 435-467-4314 cell 435-628-2173 office or e-mail me Also Washington County has a lot of information on their website at, click on recycling.